She was born in Drochia (Moldova). Natalia starts her studies in lyrical singing at a very young age and graduates with top grades at the University of Art and Theatre of Chisinau (Moldova).

She recorded for Radio-TV Moldova the opera “Decebal” by M° M. Zgureanu as her first lyric execution. She won many contests, prizes and artistic titles : the “Golden Cup” prize at the International Festival “ Primavera in aprile” in North Korea ; Third place in the international contest “ Iris Adami Corradetti “ in Padua which came with a scholarship from “ Circolo Lirico di Padova”.

Natalia debuts in the role of Gilda in “Rigoletto” by G.Verdi during the first edition of the “Concorso Lirico della città di Ferrara”. Furthermore, she became a member of the “Accademia Rossiniana” under the guide of M° A. Zedda. The Moldavian Republic rewards Natalia for her career in the Opera world, with the ad honorem title of “Maestro in Arte”.


2003 - 2005

Zerlina "Don Giovanni" Arena di Verona

In 2003 Natalia starts perfectioning her craft under the guide of M° Luisa Vannini , renowned dramatic soprano who played with M° Luciano Pavarotti, Carreras , Martinucci , Antonioli and other famous artists known all over the world. Meanwhile she gains the attention of many renowned theatres such as : “Teatro Regio di Parma”, where Natalia plays in “Barbiere di Siviglia” by G. Rossini, dir. M° A. Battistoni ; “ Teatro comunale di Ferrara” where she plays “Rigoletto” by G. Verdi ; Teatri di Bolzano, Rovigo e Trento where she plays “ Don Giovanni” by W. A. Mozart, dir. M° G. Bisanti. Then, at the “Rossini Opera Festival” of Pesaro , she plays in “Viaggio a Reims” by G. Rossini, dir. M° A. Zedda. Between the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2005 Natalia, thanks to M° Luisa Vannini, improves her technique and expands her repertoire with many important titles : “La Bohème” (Mimì) by G. Puccini, “Lucia di Lammermoor” (Lucia) by G. Donizzetti, “Viaggio a Reims” di G. Rossini.

At the end of 2005 Natalia debuts in the role of Zerlina in “Don Giovanni” by W.A. Mozart in the “Cava della Rocca di Monselice” under the direction of M° G. Svegliado; in December of the same year she meets M° Mauro Perissinotto who invites her to participate to the Christmas Opera Concert in “Duomo di S.Maria delle Grazie” at S.Donà di Piave.

2006 - 2008

Gilda "Rigoletto" Teatro Sociale di Como

In 2006 Natalia plays Violetta in “La Traviata” by G.Verdi in S.Gemignano (Florence). During the same year she plays in many different concerts : “ Galà al teatro dei Leggieri” ; “Festival Opera estate” , dir. M° G. Bisanti, “Gran Galà Lirico” in which she sings next to the tenore Maurizio Saltarin under the direction of M° M. Perissinotto. At the end of 2006 Natalia starts a tournée in various theatres : “ Teatro sociale di Trento”, “Nuovo Teatro comunale di Bolzano” , “ Teatro sociale di Rovigo” where she plays “ Le Nozze di Figaro”, dir. M° G. Andretta and M. Martone.

The year 2007 starts with the “Concerto dell’Epifania” in Jesolo, dir. M° M. Perissinotto. Later on she plays at the inaugural concert of “Teatro Remondini” in Bassano del Grappa. In the same city, she plays in the “Chiesa di S. Giovanni” and at the Easter concert of “ Duomo di s. Maria delle Grazie” dir. M° M. Perissinotto. During the summer she wins the “ Accademia Rossiniana” of Pesaro under the guide of M° A. Zedda ; in the contest she played the role of Madama Cortese in “ Il Viaggio a Reims “ by G. Rossini, dir. Ryuichiro Sonoda.

In 2008 she starts a tournée in Tuscany playing the role of Violetta in “La Traviata” by G.Verdi. Meanwhile she collaborates once again with M° Perissinotto in “Rigoletto” (Gilda). In december she plays “La Traviata” at the “Teatro sociale di Rovigo”.

2009 - 2012

Musetta, Berta Pergine, Fano, Teatro Regio di Parma

2009 starts with an invitation by M° A. Zedda to sing in the first world tour of the Rossini Opera Festival in Japan, as Teti in “Le nozze di Teti e Peleo” by G.Rossini. After this tournée Natalia sings at the Mannheim Arena in “Best of Opera” and then takes the role of Musetta in “Boheme” by G. Puccini dir. M°D. Agiman during the “Festival di Pergine Spettacolo aperto” in the cities of Pergine and Fano. Later in the year she’s invited by the Italo-canadese association of Montreal to play Violetta next to the Baritono Gino Quilico in “La Traviata” by G.Verdi. Mr. Fausto Ferrari invites Natalia to play in the charity concert for the A.M.O association at the “Teatro comunale di Capri”. The year winds up with “La Traviata” at the “Teatro comunale di Belluno”.

In June 2010 she plays the role of Violetta in “La Traviata” at the “Teatro civico di Schio” dir. M° A. Albertini. In july Natalia is invited by CROCE ROSSA ITALIA ASS.CULTURALE MUSICA VIVA at the lyric festival “Abbazia di Casamari” where she plays both Gilda (Rigoletto) and Violetta (La Traviata) and closes the festival with the recital “Nuove voci della lirica”. In October she plays Frasquita in “Carmen” by G. Bizet dir. M° F. Rosa and artistic director I. Stefanotti.

In May 2011 she covers for Mariella Devia in a production of “La Traviata” ( Violetta) dir. M° R. Gianola at the Seoul Art center in South Corea. In the same year she plays the role of Berta in “ Il Barbiere di Siviglia” at TEATRO REGIO DI PARMA, dir. M° A. Battistoni, artistic dir. S.Vizioli. Later on, plays Frasquita in Carmen at “ TEATRO COMUNALE CHIABRERA” in Savona, dir. M° F.Rosa.

In 2012 the big success in the role of Gilda in “Rigoletto” at the “Teatro sociale di Como” with the “Lombardo Opera di Aslico” lands her a collaboration with “JESI E FERMO ORCHESTRA DEI POMERIGGI MUSICALI DI MILANO E L’ORCHESTRA FILARMONICA MARCHIGIANA”. During the same year she sings la “Carmen” by G.Bizet in the theatres of : Padova, Bassano del Grappa, Trento and Rimini.

2013 - 2016

Micaela, Violetta Arena di Verona, Spalato,

The 2013 is an important year for Natalia’s career. During this period she gets many valuable contracts. First of all, she debuts at the “ Teatro Verdi di Trieste” with the great production of “ Il Corsaro” by G. Verdi in which she plays Medora under the direction of M° Gelmetti. The other big debut is at the “Arena di Verona” in the role of Gilda in “Rigoletto”, dir. M° R.Frizza and artistic dir. I.Guerra at the “ Festival del Centenario”; whit this performance Natalia obtains the success she deserves and “Arena di Verona” assigns her one of the most memorable soirées of the lyric season ”Opera on ice” directed by M° F. Mastrangelo and broadcasted on Rai UNO (Italian TV channel). Later in the year Natalia on the behalf of Arena di Verona gets invited to the “ Gran Galà d’Opera” in St. Petersburg (Russia). Later on, directed by M° Zannini, she sings “Exultate Iubilate” by W. A. Mozart at Teatro Ristori of Verona.

In 2014 Natalia goes to Spalato to play Violetta in “La Traviata” and Lucia in Lucia in Lammermoor. During the summer season she stars as Micaela in “Carmen” by G. Bizet, dir. M°J.Kovatchev and as Oscar in “Un ballo in maschera” by G.Verdi, dir. M°Battistoni and artistic director P.L. Pizzi. In the same year she gets invited to many Opera Galas in Ankara and Berlin.

In 2015 she debuts at “Teatro Carlo Felice” (Genova) under the artistic director Dario Argento with the immensely successful and critically acclaimed “Lucia di Lammermoor” (Lucia). In the same year she is invited to Malta where she plays Gilda in “Rigoletto” dir. M° Attard. For the summer opera season Natalia is back in Verona, this time to play in “Don Giovanni” by W.A. Mozart, dir. M° S. Montanari, artistic director F. Zeffirelli. The success of this play was so great that the opera was broadcasted many times on RAI 5. Later in the year Natalia is invited to sing at the “Smetana hall of Praga” and after the big success of the concert she is called back many times.

In 2016 Natalia returns to Genova at “Teatro Carlo Felice” where she plays the role of Elisabetta I in “Roberto Devereux” by G. Donizzetti, dir. M° F. Lanzillotta, artistic director A. Antoniozzi (Cover for Mariella Devia). In March of the same year at the Opera theatre of Belgrado Natalia plays “Violetta” in “La Traviata” dir. M°D. Savic. Later on she gets invited to the international festival “Cesky Krumlov” where she sings in “Carmina Burana” by C.Orff .

2017 - 2019

Liu "Turandot", Gilda "Rigoletto" Tournée in Cina

In 2017 successfully debuts in “Don Giovanni” by W.A. Mozart, dir. M° W. Attanasi as Donna Anna at the opera theatre of Craiova (Romania). In the same year she goes in different tournées in Moldova playing “ La Bohème” (Mimì) ; followed by many concerts at the “ Maria Biesu” theatre in Moldavia. During the same tournée she plays the role of Gilda in “Rigoletto” as special guest. At the end of the torunée Natalia sings in many charity concerts at the Metropolitan Church of Chisinau.

In 2018 she sings “Sinfonia NR°4” by G.Mahler , dir M° W.Attanasi in the “Oltenia” theatre in Craiova. Later on she successfully debuts in the role of Liu in “Turandot” by G. Puccini (China), next to Soprano Giovanna Casolla and Walter Fraccaro, dir M°G. Acquaviva. Afterwards Natalia gets invited to the Seoul Art Center in South Corea where she plays as Lucia in “ “Lucia di Lammermoor”dir. M° W. Attanasi and artistic director A.Bertini. In December she is back in Xiamen (China) to play Liu in “Turandot”.

In 2019 Natalia is invited as special guest to “The International San Valentino day” in Craiova (Romania) dir. M° Hristescu. In April of the same year she plays Gilda in “Rigoletto” and Oscar in “Un ballo in maschera” at the Guangzou Opera House, dir M° G. Acquaviva and A. Sisillo. In July she is invited in China again, this time in Kunming at the “Yunnan Grand Theatre” to play Gilda in “Rigoletto” dir. M° Acquaviva. In October Natalia is invited at the Sichuan theatre in Chengdu to play Liu in “Turandot” (alongside Soprano Giovanna Casolla and Tenore Piero Giuliacci, dir. M°A.Veronesi) , a very appreciated role by the Chinese public. During the same tournée Natalia is invited as special guest to sing at the “TANG XIANZU THEATRE FESTIVAL & INTERNATIONAL THEATRE EXCHANGE MONTH” broadcasted on the Chinese EUROVISION. Later in the year Natalia returns to China in the cities of Tianjin and Xiamen to play Gilda in “Rigoletto” dir. M°G.Acquaviva at the “Opera House”. At the end of 2019 Natalia takes part to the notorious contest “ Tour Music Fest 2019 – XII edition” and wins In the “Cantatnti lirici” section which came with a scholarship from MOGOL that includes a 50 hours full immersion in the registration studio at the “Centro europeo di Toscolano” with renowned vocal coaches and artistic directors.

2020 - 2023

Atività concertistica Corea del Sud, Italia

In 2020 after the Covid – 19 break Natalia starts the season with the concert “ 11 LUNE PECCIOLI OPERA FESTIVAL STORY ”.

2021 Starts the year with several concerts such as: “Gran Galà Lirico…. e lucevna le stelle … ” and the ” 20th anniversary of Associations and Volunteering” concert. In december there is the singing recital "Women in the opera", dedicated to the Afghan women.

The year 2022 starts with the Epiphany Concert, directed by Maestro M. Perissinotto. She tours with the Craiova Opera Theater throughout Germany with: Violetta in “La Traviata” by G.Verdi, Rosina in “Barbiere si Siviglia” by G.Rossini and various Opera Concerts and Opera and Operetta Concerts under the direction of M° D. Cîrciumaru. She has her debut as Nedda in “Pagliacci” by R. Leoncavallo, conducted by Maestro S. Valeri, at the Craiova Opera Theater (Romania). Later that year she finds great success in Opera-Symphonic Concert at the “Santa Cecilia” Conservatory in Rome for the Moldavian Embassy. In December she is Lucia in Lucia di Lammermoor at the Politeama Theater in Lecce, dir. A.Scarano and directed by G. Vaccari.

2023 begins with the tour concerts: “Maria Callas – Gala Tribute 100” at the “Mario Del Monaco” Municipal Theater in Treviso, Villa Emo in Vedelago (Treviso), “Magnolia” Theater in Abano Terme (Padua) and Piazza Repubblica in Porto Viro (Rovigo) under the direction of Maestro M. Titotto and Maestro S. Romani. She then starts a collaboration with “Italia Opera Fiorence in Santa Monaca Church” for several concerts in Florence, Livorno, etc… Immediately afterwards she gets invited to the “Sarzana Opera Festival”; at the concert “Padre e figlio nell’opera”;, alongside the baritone Piero Terranova. She then plays a stupendous Musetta in the opera “La Boheme”; by G.Puccini in a tour in South Korea, directed by Maestro M. Colasanti. Upon returning to Italy she sang at the 15th edition of the “Bellini Festival” in Catania in “Maratona Belliniana 2023” for the 222nd anniversary of the birth of Vincenzo Bellini, under the director D. Famà.